Growing and sustaining Triratna

an introduction


In November 2022 the International Council identified its strategic priorities, as represented in the diagram. One of the four most crucial priorities is ‘create, manage, & grow Triratna’s wealth’.

Prior to this, the Steering Group of the International Council instigated an informal ‘Grasping the Nettle’ working group to start thinking strategically about Triratna’s future development as a worldwide Buddhist movement. The group, which met several times over a period of 18 months, did not reach definitive conclusions but did establish three interrelated factors to inform, guide and assess any future attempts at strategic development:

  1. vitality
  2. sustainability
  3. growth

In November 2022 the International Council used these three factors as the criteria to inform the development of its strategic priorities.  The fourth of these is to ‘create, manage, & grow Triratna’s wealth’.  The rationale for this priority is that the maintenance of Triratna’s essential institutions and its future growth as a world wide Buddhist movement are dependent upon reliable financial resourcing.

Conversations about how to translate the priority of creating, managing and growing Triratna’s wealth into tangible pragmatic initiatives and projects have not yet begun, but success will be the result of collaboration and cooperation between the various Triratna bodies.