Strengthening the lineage of responsibility

Could we help the leaders of the future emerge and be well supported?


Bhante described Triratna as having four lineages: those of teaching, practice, inspiration and responsibility. For many that will mean taking responsibility for the ways that the Dharma is spread, the way that Triratna survives and thrives, and the way that kalyana mitrata continues to flow. That will tend to entail involvement in the structures of Triratna, whether Centres, groups, communities, businesses or other projects that enable the teachings, practices and inspiration to keep being passed on.

The International Council considers strengthening the lineage of responsibility to be it’s no.1 priority and began the process of engaging with it at an online meeting in April 2023. What is our experience of taking responsibility? What holds us back? What would help? Is taking responsibility within Triratna an attractive proposition for young people?

One of the first initiatives to emerge from this priority is the offering of a Chairs Course, a 5-week online course led by Jnanadhara. This website is also an attempt to support those who are taking responsibility for Centres and groups, and hopefully other supports will emerge.