The ECA Development Team

The Triratna Development Team work on behalf of the European Chairs Assembly (ECA), i.e. the Chairs/Directors of Triratna Buddhist Centres around Europe.

These Chairs are very busy people so we help them with their regular meetings and the ideas for projects that emerge from that collaboration. Some of the fruits of the ECA and the Development Team include the development of our central website, the Future Dharma Fund which funds new projects around Triratna, the development of effective Safeguarding policies and procedures, a Young Buddhist’s Co-ordinator, Racial Diversity work and much more.

The current team


Based in the UK, he acts as a consultant to Centres and groups in Europe, sharing his considerable and versatile experience and knowledge to help Centres grow and thrive


Based in Amsterdam, the most senior Order Member in the team, she is the chief administrator, helping Centres and representing the ECA in various bodies


Based in Worcester (UK), she does safeguarding for the ECA, offering advice to Centres and providing model policies to help protect children and adults from harm.


Based near Manchester (UK), our longest-standing team member also works for the International Council and does techie things, financial and other administration.


Based in Manchester (UK) she convenes the racial diversity project in Europe – leading events, visiting centres, building networks and supporting local groups

Why we do this work

As a way of answering this question, here are three short videos made by Clear Vision, in which members of the Triratna Buddhist Community talk about the effects that the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha have had on their lives.

The first part explores how people find the Buddha to be an inspirational figure, and why it is important to keep our Buddhist Centres thriving.

In the second part, members of our community talk about how their practice of the Dharma has deepened over time, and also on their attitudes to death and dying.

In the third and final part, practitioners talk about what they love and appreciate in the Triratna Sangha.